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Yoga at Home

Take A Breath
Whangamata 3620

"In the beginning , the middle and the end, there is always breath, our inner life-force and our connection with the universal energy flow"

Michelle Merrifield

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About Us

TakeABreath is a private Studio(small group training or private lessons)You will learn many techniques to exercise  for health and well being. You may wish to learn the ancient art of yoga to improve your breathing , Meditation or simply relax and allow the body and mind to let go. We have training sessions to energise the body, release tension , combat depression or just centre you. Come and experience ancient tried and true methods to cleanse the body. The studio runs in conjunction with the school term, however in school holidays we do SGT and private sessions on request. Come and visit Tamara and Jodie in Whangamata, we are excited to share our knowledge and show you how you can make a difference to your daily life 


Yoga /

Hammock Yoga

The intent of yoga is to help you achieve meditation. control of breath, breathing techniques and learning postures without struggle. The benefits of yoga will develop strength, flexibility, release of tension in the body and the mind.

Meditation /

Tai  Chi

Meditation increases self awareness, developing the ability to meditate. This  enables the meditator to take consciousness to the different parts of the mind. Mediation cannot be described in words, you are directed to find out for yourself and discover what it really is.

Power Plate /

RIP 60

Power-Plate is a machine that gives the body's muscles a high-speed workout by using vibrations to stimulate them to contract and relax. Power-Plate is a great time-saver due to the effectiveness of training and the fact that many muscle groups are activated at the same time.


Pilates will teach you how to bring flexibility and mobility to your spine.


You will learn how to strengthen your core and coordinate your breath with flowing movements.

Iyengar Yoga

Yoga Therapy

3 Sessions | $150

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"Calm mind brings inner strength and

self-confidence, so that's very important for

good health."

His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama


Founder & Trainer

Our Teachers


Join Tamara and Jodie to learn meditation, breathing, power plate, yoga, hammock yoga, pilates and more in a relaxing and cleansing studio.


“I’ve known Tamara for 4 years now.  When I first moved to the beautiful town of Whangamata, the first thing I did was join the gym.  Tamara was the owner of the Whangamata gym at that time and she has a WEALTH of knowledge.  My focus was to align mind, body and soul so I opted for yoga rather than usual gym stuff, and that’s what I first loved about Tamaras gym, there was diversity.  I had touched on it when I lived in Auckland but it was very hard to find a gym that offered regular yoga classes – it was as if they couldn’t be in the same space because they were contradictory to each other.  But Tamara HAD incorporated them into her gym which gave me a sense that she understood my needs.  When Tamara moved on from the gym, she set up a home studio for her classes.  Yoga was my focus and love, so I would attend her daily sessions at her home studio.  We then moved on to her current studio which allowed Tamara to focus on providing more specialised and precise services to her clientele.  I do Tamaras regular yoga and have taken up powerplate to increase my fitness.  Her hammock yoga classes allow me to remember being a child – it is playful, freeing and confidence building (something I have lost over my years).  Everything that I do with Tamara is for the betterment of my health.  Tamara has many years of experience in the health and fitness industry and this makes me feel confident in her ability to help me achieve my goals.  She also keeps herself current with changing trends and new information in her field.  She does not judge and she offers full support backed up with her experience and knowledge.  I love that she supports us all, from local athletes, the aged and infirm, men and women alike.  She has a way about her that makes you feel that fitness is not something we do for a moment to achieve a goal, it is a lifestyle and it is attainable on a daily basis.  I would highly recommend Tamara to anyone who wants to be the best version of themselves.  The different classes she has, gives many options to dip a toe into a world that may seem daunting at first but, before you know it, your swimming in a sea of tranquillity with a healthy body and healthy mind.”


I have attended Tamaras yoga classes for around 5years. Regular attendance has help strengthen my mind, body & inner core.
My breathing has improved & the yoga has help reduce the aches & pains I used to get from prolonged sitting & working with my hands.
Inpertcular Tamaras Hammock yoga classes helps keep my back aligned while strengthening my arms & hands. As well as learning to trust your body more, a session of Hammock yoga leaves you feeling up beat & energized.
Tamara works professionally & enthusiastically with the class pushing you to your personal level.
I would recommend her classes.


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